CK Aviation Services Ltd


CK Aviation Services Ltd was established to enable you to reach your aviation goals effectively. 

Whether you’re looking to learn to fly, advance your skills, purchase or sell an aircraft or are in the need of aircraft management, CK Aviation provides the combination of services you need.

We specialise in guiding clients through to their ultimate aviation dreams, from PPL to flying your own high-performance aircraft. Our boutique flight training utilises the latest Cirrus Aircraft, brand new facilities and a team of instructors hand-picked for their excellence and persona. It is our mission to create the best flight training experience in the UK. 

Understanding which aircraft to buy can be a time consuming and exhausting business. We will work closely with you to ensure that the aircraft you buy will meet your requirements. CK Aviation has close working relationships with the major aircraft manufacturers and a deep understanding of their products which puts us in a unique position to guide a prospective new owner to the right aircraft for their mission.

We provide purchase advice, arrange demonstration flights, guide you through the purchase process, manage your aircraft, take care of maintenance, hangarage, regulation compliance, pilot/instructor provision and even sell the aircraft for you at the end of your ownership experience. We take care of every detail freeing you up to enjoy the time-saving and life enhancing benefits that private aviation offers with none of the aggravation. 

We work with absolute integrity offering impartial advice with a desire to see our clients get the very best experience from aviation, safely, efficiently and effectively. The value that we add comes from our years of experience in the industry.

Meet the team


Charlie has over 25 years’ experience in aviation. He has clocked up in excess of 12,000 hours as a commercial pilot, which has included flying the Airbus A320/A321/A330 family at Monarch Airlines, the four engine A340-600 at Virgin Atlantic and more recently as the Captain of a privately-owned Gulfstream jet.

Charlie has a longstanding interest in General Aviation, having been a flight instructor since his early twenties. Following a Royal Air Force flying scholarship he became an instructor at Northants School of Flying—his family business. Here, Charlie helped to develop the business taking it from an ailing company with 3 aircraft to a busy flying school with 11 aircraft and 400 members. During this time Charlie specialised in vintage tailwheel and aerobatic instruction.

A passion for aerobatics led to the establishment of his own training business, using a Pitts Special S2C, where he taught AOPA aerobatic courses and Basic to Advanced level competition flying. He also offered Upset Recovery Training (UPRT) and Advanced Handling courses to pilots looking to improve their general handling. An enthusiastic competitor himself, Charlie holds two national aerobatic championship titles.

For five years, Charlie worked closely with Cirrus Aircraft UK as an aircraft sales representative and factory approved CSIP (Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot). Charlie is Head of Training for the CK Aviation Services Approved Training Organisation and instructs for the PPL, Night, Aerobatic and Instrument Ratings and is also a Class Rating and Instrument Rating Examiner.

Charlie’s interests include cooking, mountain biking, motorcycling and vintage aircraft which is a particular interest being current on the Tiger Moth, Harvard and Spitfire.

Charlie is available to provide subject matter expert consultation for:

  • Aircraft Sales
  • Aircraft Procurement
  • Aircraft Management
  • Flight Training
  • Examination and Revalidation

Charlie holds a BSc in Business & Management Consultancy from Southampton University



Nils has over 30 years’ experience in aviation and is currently a Boeing Technical Pilot and Training Captain for a major UK airline. A keen aviator with over 8500 hours, he is also qualified to fly helicopters and is an aircraft owner and flying instructor. As well as flying, Nils has undertaken a number of other aviation roles, including in Aerodrome Fire Fighting, Air Traffic Services, Aerodrome planning and licensing and Operations Management.

As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Nils worked for several years in the FMCG sector as a Design Engineer, Production Manager and latterly Internal Auditor. International audit experience led to work as a Quality Manager for a number of aircraft engineering firms in the UK and Nils continues to act as an external auditor or Compliance Monitoring Manager for a private jet operator and four flight training schools.

Nils’ other consultancy work has included aerodrome planning projects and studies of the impact of planned construction on aviation activity at several UK aerodromes. He has also acted as an aviation SME for planning applications concerned with or impacting on General Aviation.

As one of a team of volunteer Regional Safety Officers working for GASCo, Nils visits most small UK aerodromes to deliver flight safety education presentations to private pilots. He also presents on the CAA Airspace Infringement Awareness Courses and is involved in the development of General Aviation safety education material. As part of the GASCo team Nils has been awarded the 2020 Sword of Honour from the Honourable Company of Air Pilots for his continued contribution to flight safety.

Nils is available to provide subject matter expert consultation for:

  • Part M and ML Engineering Approvals
  • Part ATO and DTO Approvals
  • Planning Applications affecting GA Aerodromes
  • GA Organisation SMS, Compliance Management and Part OPS Audit
  • General Aviation Aerodrome Operations

Nils is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society MRAeS & holds a MEng ACGI from Imperial College in London.


Dave is Airbus Type Rating Examiner and Instructor for Easyjet with over 14,000 hours. He combines his great technical knowledge and personal skills to make an exemplary and respected trainer. We are privileged to have Dave on board as an instructor to pass on his experience and expertise to our clients. 

Dave flew solo in 1982 with the Air Cadets at Royal Air Force Halton. A RAF Flying Scholarship at White Waltham followed allowing him to obtain his PPL.

While working as a design draughtsman, Dave utilised his spare time to further his flying qualifications and experience. Weekends and evenings would be spent instructing at the local flying club and with the Air Cadet’s 613 VGS where he volunteered for twenty one years and was awarded an A1 instructor Category by Central Flying School of the Royal Air Force.

Dave started his commercial flying career with Air UK on the Fokker 50 and Fokker 100. This was followed by eighteen years at Monarch Airlines on the Airbus 320 and A321 as TRE-TRI and latterly with Easyjet as a Training Captain. Outside of work, the enthusiasm for instructing continues on single engine piston and touring motor gliders, with a real passion for vintage and a tailwheel aircraft.