About CK Aviation

CK Aviation is a niche high-end aircraft sales and flight training organisation. We look after a small number of clients providing a full service from aircraft procurement and sales to after sales support – offering high quality flight training across the spectrum from ab-initio PPL right through to the Instrument Rating. This means we can provide our clients with every licence and rating they require to fly their own high performance aircraft. We have two in house Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilots (CSIPs), a latest generation SR22T G6 and a Cirrus Training Centre. Our CAA Approved Training Organisation and can provide courses for PPL(A), Night, IR(R), CB-IR & IR. We are also a renowned aircraft broker and are very happy to offer advice to customers looking to purchase their first aircraft or upgrade.

Official Cirrus Training Partner

Official Cirrus Training Centre

Authorised Cirrus Training Centre with two in house CSIPs and two TCIs

Oxford Airport

Oxford Airport

Professional, modern training facilities located at Oxford Airport

Experienced Cirrus Sales History 

Experienced Aircraft Sales Broker

Long standing experience selling Cirrus aircraft  

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