Purchasing An Aircraft


Purchasing your first aircraft can be a daunting process, especially a pre-owned aircraft without the benefits of factory warranty and support. What are the pitfalls and how can you avoid them to ensure you are getting the perfect aircraft for you at the right price with no nasty surprises around the corner?

We are aircraft owners, we are pilots and we have flown these aircraft. We offer free and impartial advice to help ensure you purchase the right aircraft for you.

We are not salesmen; we are professional pilots who know aircraft

If you would like additional reassurance we can formally consult on your aircraft purchase. We offer competitive rates. A typical consultancy package for an aircraft purchase would include.

Aircraft Purchasing Consultancy

Independent Mechanical Survey

Logbooks & Paperwork Audit

Ad & Sb Compliance Check

Life Item Assessment & Future Expenditure Forecasting

Price Negotiation

Drafting Of Purchase Agreements

Escrow Establishment

Pre-Sale Defect Rectification

N Reg Trust Establishment (If Us Registered)

Bill Of Sale Drafting

Completion Of Change Of Ownership Forms

Insurance Advice & Establishment